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Eindhoven Conspectus 2009

People” will be shown at the exhibition Eindhoven Conspectus, during the Dutch Design Week November 17-25, 2009.

Eindhoven Conspectus - Joong Han Lee

Eindhoven Conspectus - Joong Han Lee

Globally there is a much interest in arts and design from Eindhoven. The city is one of the two finalists in the competition for the title ‘World Design Capital’, which gives us room for thought at Temporary Art Centre (TAC). What does it mean to carry that title? And what does it mean for our centre as an incubator, ideas factory and meeting place? During the Dutch Design Week we examine these questions. We balance between space, art and design, and present the outcome in this exhibition of architects, artists and designers.

Eindhoven Conspectus - Joong Han Lee

Scale TAC, Eindhoven Conspectus is co-ordinated by Thijs Bakker Ontwerpt, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk, Liselotte de Groot, Walter van der Cruijsen and Studio Joon&Jung

Participated Artist:
Jaenah Jung, Joong Han Lee, Sungbeom Wi, Nicole Schindelholz, Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Willemijn De Wit, Freek Willems, Frank van Ansem , Lins, Servie Boetzkes, Klaartje Esch, Danny Scholtze, Laura Nieuwenhuis, Mo Swillens, Peter John van de Riet, Kerry Murphy, Roy Hoes, Bejamin Schimpke, Karlijn de Groot, Suengbin Yang, Wonmin Park, Maud van Banning, Bram Hurkens, Anneke Vervoort and all TAC Genoten