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The Machine

Design Hub Limburg presents:
THE MACHINE – Designing A New Industrial Revolution


C-mine Genk
3rd June – 7th October 2012


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The industrial revolution was a revolution for engineers. Now designers are at the forefront of a new revolution. They are part of networks that enable them to develop new materials and systems, build their own machines, and seek new tools for production and distribution. These developments offer an alternative to mass production and open paths to a new economy and society.


New machines impact society. This is clearly highlighted in the area of Genk, with its history of being an industrial leading city in Flanders. The Machine shows how new machines in our lives and our society will shape the future. The concept of The Machine is in contrast with the industrial past of C-mine as a former mining area, where the contemporary machinery marks Genk as one of the most prominent industrial cities of Flanders.


The Machine is an interactive exhibition, accompanied by an extensive program for a diverse audience. There will be a fashion workshop by DSGNRMRKT, a broad introduction into 3-D printing, and an event around the hacking of everyday devices. A network evening will bring industry and designers together for an exchange about future business. In order to give an insight in the design process, a selection of designers will be invited for a residency at C-Mine.


Participating designers of the exhibition are: Juan Montero Valdes (ES/GB), Mischer’Traxler (AT), Tal Erez (IL), Thomas Vailly (FR), Thomas Maincent (BE), Studio Homunculus (KR/NL), Unfold (BE), Eugenia Morpurgo (IT), Maya Ben David (IL), Jon Stam (CA/NL), Itay Ohaly (IL), Christian Fiebig (DE), The Creative Factory (FR/IL), Formafantasma (IT/NL), Sofie Lachaert (BE)
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Design, Art and Technics

‘Symbiotic chair’ and ‘Drink Link’ are showing at the exhibition DESIGN, KUNST EN TECHNIEK at Kunstencentrum Kadmium in Delft. (10.05 to 10.06.2012)

Theo Jansen will open the exhibition.


May 2012: FRAME #86

On Jeroen Junte’s essay ‘Slow tech, or making machines to make things’ (Page 208-209)