Core77 2012 Design Awards

Haptic Intelligentsia is the Student Interaction Runner Up of the Core77 2012 Design Awards!


The followings are the comments from the jury members:

“There’s something Damien Hirst-like about this. And like art this project transcends the tangible objects themselves, and becomes a critique of current interfaces and a nod to untapped possibility.”
- Julia Whitney, Head of User Experience & Design Group at BBC

“The experience of using this – feeling out the invisible information to produce the visible – must be wonderful.”
- Matt Webb, CEO and Principal at BERG

“This project had a complete story, and the sense of being manually rapid forming something against force feedback was very interesting. The products (cylinders of glue) from the process didn’t go far enough for me to understand how I might encounter or respond to the interaction in any context. The author identifies that reactions to interacting with the force feedback arm were very positive, I suspect that this may be the case with any implementation of force feedback. The communication of the project was robust and the author talked well about the work.”
- Jack Schulze, Principal at BERG

“By bridging the gap between the physical and virtual object, Haptic Intelligentsia reveals new possibilities for digital fabrication.”
- Allan Chochinov, Editor-in-Chief at Core77

For further informations, READ IT HERE.

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