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Vauxhall Ampera Technology Week

Vauxhall Ampera Technology Week

Place: The King’s Cross Filling Station, Goods Way, N1C 4UR, London, UK
Date: 21st – 26th August 2012
Times: 12 – 10pm
Price: Free

Technology Week is inspired by the launch of the electric car, the Vauxhall Ampera. The future of technology is imagination, so the week is based around experimental, interactive design technology, seeking to examine what happens when the rules are broken down.

Saturday 25th August
2 – 4pm: Lunchtime Tech Talk – Choy Ka Fai + Studio Homunculus, chaired by Beatrice Galilee

Studio Homunculus was founded by Joong Han Lee whose approach to design places human beings at the centre of the design process. His 2011 project Haptic Inteligentsia allows the user to explore what it feels like to touch and feel a virtual object. Listen to Joong Han talk about his work and the psychology of design. Before his performance Choy Ka Fai will join us in our lunchtime session to talk about his projects, influences and working at the intersection between art, design and technology.