Consumer LABORatory will be on show at C-fabriek : Production lines for the New Factory. The C-Fabriek is an atelier / factory / museum/ gallery / shop. C-fabriek is on show during DDW12 at Schellens fabriek, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven.

Within an empty factory in Eindhoven designers create their individual production lines, machines, tools and products; re-establishing a relationship with their audience. A place where designers work and create, but also, present their processes and methods to the public. By doing so they suggest alternatives to industrialization, production and consumption.

Studio Homunculus will present a production line project Consumer LABORatory, in collaboration with a Brazilian designer Thomaz Ribeiro Bondioli of LOTA studio.

A distinction between consumer and producer has become vague nowadays. The consumer no longer remain passive, as they play a role in the design or customization of the end product. The Consumer LABORatory aims to take the consumer’s involvement to another level, by inviting them to not only choose visuals for the personalization, but also to be a part of physical labor. As the consumer purchases an unfinished object, the quality of the final product depends on them. This engaging process implies a total responsibility in the production to the consumer. Inspired by a disappearing Korean street candy called “Dalgona”, the consumer is invited by two designers to fully participate in the making process. From choosing colors and shapes, to snapping off around pressed shapes, the consumer walks away with a unique experience.

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