Template ruler
Template ruler

Template ruler

Template Ruler. 2012.¬†Laser cut acrylic sheet with UV print,¬†9 1/2″ x 3 11/16″ (24 x 9.3 cm).
edition of 10

With a template ruler, consisting of the Apple Inc. logo in different sizes, I investigate the underlying problem of litigation among global corporations.
Nowadays, it is not difficult to read or hear about the exhausting lawsuits between apple and samsung. Filing similar federal complaints in different courts, Apple won the battle in some countries, but lost in others.
While many people are busy favoring one company and criticizing its rival, I rather focused on the ambiguity of the current intellectual property system. The template ruler literally manifests an action of copying, showing how easy it appears to infringe on a copyright.
Just simply trace a logo on anything that you want to turn into an ‘iAnything’.

Template Ruler